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Eastern Health System Research Center

This plan is being developed in a way that will contribute to the research mapping of the Eastern Health System Research Center.
In particular, we are interested in investigations and projects that deal with social well being, healthy lifestyle, and local health knowledge, habits and practices

The approach suggested by the research mapping proposal wisely focuses on behaviors and situations that define or explain health rather than disease states.  The suggested approach also allows for a description of the status of the region rather than an accounting of clinical conditions that may be present in the population. 

This project coincides with the conceptualization of mental health as outlined in the WHO document  Promoting Mental Health: CONCEPTSEMERGING EVIDENCE PRACTICE, SUMMARY REPORT (2003).    The pages  dealing with the objectives and actions of health promotion (pp. 27 through 30) explain the current thinking about mental health as a positive health status.

In reviewing the WHO's suggestions for mental health promotion, we can see that the new rubric for mental health covers most of the areas included in this research mapping priority.

 Similarly, this proposal and work plan is intended to provide the rationale for gathering health indicators that can be used to describe the status of the region. The general plan of action is outlined on this page. The choice of inidcators should reflect our efforts to  address basic human needs, environmental problems, social disparity, safety, awareness, and personal life management  issues can reduce incidence of  mental stress, the need for intensive services, and promote community well being. 

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