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#1 a. b. Select initial sample






#1 c. Develop survey






#1 d. Data collection system






#1 e . Computer data base






#1 f . mail survey






#1 g. Data entry (ongoing)






#2 a. Develop protocol & interviewer training






#2 b. Arrange meetings






#2 c. Site visits






#2 d. Recruit &

Interview Risk groups






#2 e. Summarize & Report






Dissemination activities






Limit of Work
Data collection will be limited to the provinces of eastern Thailand.

Plan (Specific activities)

Specific Activities : #1 Develop data base of research, interests, and projects

a.  Get list of Universities and Graduate Education Departments in the Eastern development zone

  criteria: Graduate colleges in Eastern Thailand where faculty are likely to be doing population research (e.g. health professions faculty, humanities and social science schools, education, or public policy schools)
  Data required: Mailing addresses, phone number and names of dean, emails, contact persons
  Product: listing of schools and departments with health science faculty and social science faculty.
  Person responsible: Deachit

b.  Get list of and Health Departments, Hospitals, NGO programs in the Eastern development zone
   criteria: each list should represent the population (of health departments, hospitals, or NGO programs) in estimated aspects of urban / rural and governmental organization (e.g. regional offices, district, tambon levels) and the list shall be inclusive of the provinces in Eastern Thailand .
  Data required: listings of institutions and type, the characteristics of the service population, addresses, names of administrators and email contacts where available.
  Product: Listing of health departments and hospitals with mental health activities. List of NGO funded projects in the region.
  Person responsible: Deachit

c.  Develop survey of research activities
  Criteria: Simple, concise, self-administered instrument that contains only essential information about research projects. Answers in proper data type for storing in a data base. Easy to distribute, copy, and collect. Should contain instructions as well as a description of the project in Thai and English, invitations to find other experts, and alternative means to contact project with data or mental health information.
  Data required: Pretest with faculty of Public Health at Burapha
  Product: Survey questionnaire and data fields for researchers and research projects.
  Person Responsible: Ron
  Dates: August 2005


d.  Create a web-based information collection system
  Criteria: Allows persons with web access to send information about their research projects. Assures that data recieved are useable in the data base of researchers and research projects.
Data Required: Information on website availbility and form retrieval. Possibilities for using open access data bases at BUU. Email account and tracking as alternatives to Web or regular mail.
  Product: Web-based surveys using MS Access or HTML. Format for data collection via email or web form submittal.
  Person Responsible: Ron + Consultant
  Dates: September 2005

e. Create data base
  Criteria: Be able to rapidly identify researchers and their interests. Be able to search or sort data. Data on projects should be accessible to a developing network of mental health researchers.
  Data Required: Researchers, their expertise, locations, and contact information. Project names, objectives, populations of concern, funding sources, and time limits.
  Product: MSAccess data base with data entry which can be updated. .
  Person Responsible: Research Team
  Date: August 2005- Jan 2005

f.  Distribute survey and collect data from University, health agency and Hospital activities
  Criteria: Mail to all applicable universities, hospitals, and representative primary health care clinics.
  Material Required: Addressed mailers, Cover letters, SAS envelopes
  Product: Returned surveys
  Person Responsible: Research Team
  Timeline:  September of 2005


 Specific Activities : #2  List community values and interests around mental well-being

a. Determine general topic, develop protocol and train interviewers
  Criteria: Open ended questions but limited to the topics of mental health and mental illness
  Requirement: instruction set in Thai for in-depth interview and focus group moderatos
  Product: Interview guide
  Person: Ron - consultant
  Date: October

b. Arrange meetings and teach research process.
Requirement: Train the trainers meeting with faculty interviews, 12 meetings in research setting (3 per province)
Product: See below site visits and interviews of risk groups
Date: November December 2005

c. Site visits Health Departments and Mental Health Facilities to assess mental health activities and levels

  • Criteria: In depth interviews must get experts impressions of local mental health issues, problems, and service needs, as well as further network contacts.
  • Requirement: An urban and rural primary health care unit in each province, as well as expert contacts from major psychiatric units or hospitals.
  • Product:
  • Person:
  • Date: November - December

d. Recruit and do focus groups or interview representatives of risk groups e.g. Students, Factory Workers, Entertainment Workers, Hospital workers, health professionals, etc.

  Criteria: risk groups selected by community experts
  Requirement: Sample to saturation where new information is not evident from interviews
  Product: Qualitative data from interviews and focus groups which summaries opinions and impressions of major stakeholers
  Person: Research team
  Date: November - December

e. Record and summarize population group data
  Criteria: Develop categories of mental health definitions, priorities, perspectives on severity and probable contributing factors to problems.
  Product: Prioritized listing of categories of mental distress and mental health environment which the communities would like to change.
  Person: Research team
  Date: December

Dissemination Activities : 

Report community values and interests in mental health services, prevention, and promotion


Integrate results in to data base and research mapping

  • Criteria:
  • Requirement:
  • Product:
  • Person:
  • Date:


Name: Ronald Markwardt
Expertise: Psychosocial Epidemiology
Job: Organize Project
  1. Develop Data Collection Procedures
  2. Create Database of Researchers
  3. Contribute to Research mapping

Name: Pissamai Homchampa
Expertise: Health Anthropology
Job: Organize Qualitative Data Collection
  1. Determine community values and priorities for mental well being
  2. Participate in planning for Mental Health Promotion


Name: Deachit
Expertise: Personnel Management
Job: Data Collection
  1. Find and catalog University and Government Depts active in research
  2. Create Database of Websites with Mental Health Statistics


Name: Prapa Nuntawarasilp
Expertise: Administration
Job: Translation and meeting organization
  1. Serve as contact with external agencies
  2. Monitor Project Resource and Fiscal Needs
  3. Contribute to Research mapping


Name: Rangsiman Soonthornchaiya
Expertise: Community Psychiatric Care
Job: Participant Consultant
  1. Arrange for consults with community based practitioners
  2. Collect and manage qualitative data from mental health providers
  3. Contribute baseline assessment of service and education



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